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How Mobile Technologies Connect the Field Office With Integrated Labor Delivery

The “mobile era” is in full swing, and construction companies are slowly but surely making the switch. Over 80% of construction professionals surveyed said that mobile technology is of high priority, and 4 out of 5 stated that they are currently using some form of mobile technology. And a new study by Dodge Data & Analytics shows that software, specifically mobile software, can improve many facets of business. Specifically contractors see improvement in equipment and fleet management, cost control, and accurate and timely field data collection. These facets are incredibly important to integrated labor delivery.

Access to Real-time information

Mobile applications allow the field workers to submit all documents to a shared platform where members of the back office can view them immediately and know what is going on in the field. This allows project managers to be more informed at all times and allows them to provide direct input or correct possible problems. On top of this, mobile capabilities allow the field workers to be able to request information, maintenance, etc. from the field which saves time and money.

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